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Statistical Analysis on Math Pack Users Scoring Pattern.

This chart shows the scoring pattern of Math Pack users. These scores include correct answers and bonus points. Data used for this chart is updated daily.

Addition (A)    Avg Score:73   Max:100   Total Quizzes:191707    Timestamp:1/27/2022 3:33:00 PM
X Axis: Scores in %.   Y axis: Total users scored.

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Factors OrderOfOperation Percent Divisibility
Decimal GCF LCM Exponentiation
AlgebraX AlgebraXY AlgebraQuadratic Probability
GeometryPoint GeometryLine GeometryShape Thaayam

Histogram charts are used for analysing data distribution in an effective way. Most of the time, you will see the famous bell shape. Advanced categories like Algebra may not have enough data to really arrive at bell shape. In those cases, go for smaller interval like 10. Scores where the bell reaches the top would be the place majority of users belong.

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